Born 01 July 1968 Raised in Berlin. I studied economics but loved traveling too much. WWWell so much about university.

I have been wwworking in the tourism industrie since 1991.
If I'm in Berlin I'm a travel agent.

For the past years I have split my time betwwween 3 continents. I love Australia and Newww Zealand. I enjoyed more than 16 months in these fantastic contries wwwith so many great people. Cheers, mate! It is not easy to get a job dowwwnunder. Anybody out there wwwho has got jobs available? I wwwill try to be back soon.

I also spent about the same amount of time in the United States and Canada. I   even got a Green Card. Yeah! Sometimes I like the States even more in winter. Ski powwwder, dude!

Hey wwwhy is my english not perfect ? Please keep / get in touch and help to improve my english.

WWWhat is the latest and greatest?
Bye for nowww. Take care Uwwwe